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  1. Hi Jan—thank you(and the other devs working on it) very much for the update and attention to this issue. I know the pocket edition port isn’t close to a top priority, and it’s player base is comparatively teeny tiny— but this makes me optimistic the port won’t be completely abandoned. Even w/ all of PE’s troubles with game feel I love to see devs trying to give mobile players access to games w/ this kind of mechanical depth.
  2. Thank you for the quick response. Certainly. — video clip for the world 1-44: IMG_9825.MOV Screenshot of error msg for world 1-44: Let me know if you would like a video clip of the other world I have active where this bug is happening. In that world the time between loading in and the crash is much longer so I would need to find a different compression/upload solution
  3. This crash is happening to me(same error msg). The most recent crash occurred while chopping logs—the time before that while cooking in a few crockpots. It has completely broken at least three different worlds. I have employed the methods you outlined above: completely updated, no background apps, shut down/restart… Device info: iOS device: iPhone 7 Device model number: MNAM2LL/A iOS version number: 15.4.1 —— Sometimes my last save was far enough back that it will not immediately crash again upon reopening. However when the game reaches the “time stamp” of the initial crash it will consistently crash again allowing no further progress past that point in in-game time. It does not seem to matter if one’s avatar is near or far to the location on the map where the initial crash occurred. I am almost certain this same bug has occurred to me in shipwrecked. (but my memory might be fallible there—I have most recently and frequently dealt w/ it in ROG pocket edition.) It’s quite unfortunate—and is making the game unplayable. Happy to provide further information if useful. Edit: a bit more info— can confirm it has happened on a world 44 days old as well as a world 31 days old where adventure mode was completed. fairly certain it has also happened on worlds approaching 100 days, though these were earlier breaks I have since deleted, and can’t confirm.