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According to research, appraisers who keep up with the latest industry news, trends, and best practices make more money with Professional Appraisal Services. We at Bluechip Asset Management have many blogs on our website that you should read. As the main component in property assessment, AVMs will be another nail in the coffin for lenders that want to exclude appraisers from all phases of mortgage lending transactions by deploying non-licensed 'inspectors' at the front end of the appraisal process. Another common misconception is that real estate is static,' meaning it never changes, which we all know is untrue. AVMs aren't enough on their own, and they cannot tell when property changes without someone physically inspecting it and feeding updated data into the AVMs. Bluechip Asset Management is aware that we did not set lending laws or force people to relocate to lower-value places, as our governments have done for many years. It has occurred in all ethnic groups, not simply those that have received the most attention in PAVE meetings and the media. For more details, visit our website