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  1. I can't find hamlet soundtrack and dst soundtrack in the soundtrack DLC or anything tht is '-'
  2. So, how do I even start making a mod, I looked at some tutorials on youtube but I think i don't understand them. I saw the notepad "MAKE_MODS" in game files and I got here, so I'm asking for help cuz I want to make something basic, like, anything, maybe 2x demage when hunger is from 150-100 1x demage when hunger is from 100 - 50 and 0.75 demage when hunger is under 50. Something like old wolfgang mechanics, but let me introduce you whole plan Name : Warren 150 - 100 hunger = 2x dmg 100 - 50 hunger = 1x dmg 50 - 0 hunger 0.75x dmg Hunger drain - 1.5x Health drain - 0.75x Sanity drain - 1x HP - 120 Hunger - 150 Sanity -120 Addons : Food gives you +5% hunger Food gives you -5% sanity Healing salve etc. gives him less hp by 10% (20 - 10% = 18) Food gives you +10% health Overheats faster by 50% Freezes slower by 50%
  3. Change the "dawn" theme to winter's feast theme when the event is happening!
  4. This game is just don't starve but single player, also it has bugs.