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  1. I like using them for decoration. There's a lot of cool spinny boat designs you can make. Although practically, I don't see a use for it.
  2. Looks like cannons are starting to become viable, now. Having to aim with a rudder was probably the worst thing about it.
  3. I think I've improved this. The ability to have fishing bins is pretty neat, I suppose. I swear this is the last thing I'll post about spinning boats.
  4. The docks in the new beta make ocean basing somewhat more viable, sure, but I do feel like it's missing a very vital part of bases; the turf. Considering that we also have the new beach turf, it'd be really awesome if you could make your own island or something of the like. Which would imply that you'd be able to plant stuff on the docks given that it's on plant friendly turf, which now that I say that, sounds like a neat idea too. Ocean bases have always had some appeal to me, but I never really found myself doing them, for practical reasons. Just this change would add a lot more variety in how you could approach bases in this game.