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  1. I fixed it. I accidentally changed something in settings that didn't let my mouse work which caused the arrow keys to work instead of the mousepad
  2. Should I just attach them down below? Or do i need to email them? I have them down below.
  3. So, I was playing Don't Starve yesterday and I got booted out of the game after I had noticed I couldn't use the dig feature with the pitchfork and had changed it to the arrow keys on the game. After that, I tried to start the game and the main page was unresponsive. I had restarted my computer (Mac) and uninstalled Don't Starve, verified the integrity of the game files, checked to see if I had the correct amount of space with the video card (256) and looked at my laptop ISO settings. Everything is as updated as it can be and didn't have issues with it before hand. Don't Starve Together works perfectly fine, it's just the original Don't Starve that won't launch into game and gets stuck on the load page.