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  1. Good questions. The building is structured as a fabricator at the moment. So it's x kcal per 20 kg ethanol. I felt that this idea already borders on the little too 'strong' side and that providing other useful byproducts would make it much to 'strong'. I honestly posted this for feedback so if you think this isn't so then I'm interested in hearing you out. I'm unsure at this point. No piped output brings it more into line with the compost. But makes it much less useful. I'm unsure if you can fertilize nosh beans with ethanol bottles, but that would be a must if I went that direction. The goal was a early game building, not something that becomes ubiquitous immediately. The piped output makes it much more convenient though so I'm very torn on this point. Default for fabricators is 2x job size in storage so probably small. To this point, it would probably be necessary to refrigerate input in some cases. I don't hate this. No. This is a little weird, but I have an idea to instead of producing heat, require a specific (small) range of allowable heat. like 25-40 C, where otherwise it doesn't work. I think this is possible but I've not coded it yet. On the other hand I could add a power input and produce heat as an alternative, similar to other buildings. Probably wouldn't be a lot though. Either way I want the ethanol to output at building heat.
  2. One of the holes in the game play I've identified is early game ethanol production. Getting arbor trees and a distillery going is complex, power hungry, and dup labor intensive without large amounts of automation. But the nosh beans don't feel like a late game food at all, sleet wheat has similar (but even then easier) complexities and makes better food. In my opinion, nosh beans should be a viable early/mid game food as a upgrade to mealwood. Thus a new building to solve this. Fermenter Takes food and ferments it into ethanol. Leaning towards low/none power requirement + dup operation to empty like the compost. This is complex code wise so may go another direction. Unsure if piped output is good or not. Recipes: (each makes 20kg ethanol) 300 kcal mealwood 320 kcal mushroom 266 kcal bristle blossem 1 sleet wheat 400 kcal water weed 1 nosh bean 278 kcal bog bucket 400 kcal spindly grubfruit 250 kcal grubfruit 400 kcal of muckroot etc. 200 kcal plant meat For most plants this equals 1 to 1 plant to nosh plant ratio. Usually a moral upgrade for the cost of extra dup labor and temperature control. Interesting side effects: Mealwood can make more water from dirt. This opens up a potential water positive arbor tree + mealwood loop. Grubfruit can make more water from sulfur, potentially making some asteroids with only sulfur geysers actually self sustaining. Mushroom gets a more efficient slime to pwater route. Water weed converts salt water to pwater with a mass increase. Saturn critter trap can make water from critters. I think to make nosh beans more viable the temperature requirement must be loosened a bit. -25 - 10 or even 20 might be better. Same as mealwood but better low end makes it viable early for trading dup labor for moral. Looking for feedback and critiques. Would you use this building in your games? Is it TOO useful? I've got a baseline mod already created, just want to iron out some details. Version 1.0: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2787109631