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  1. Oh, maybe I should mention that I'm not using an original Microsoft XBox controller but a clone from a company called Nacon. So far it was 100% compatible with the few games I'm playing with a controller, but maybe it is behaving slightly different than the original version? I'm trying to understand how such a rather annoying issue could have been missed by your QA department after adding controller support... Maybe the bootleg controller I'm using is spamming zero messages even when the joysticks are not being touched, which then makes the game alternate between graphical and windows style cursor while the mouse is being moved. Switching between controller and mouse input should be possible in the options menu even when a controller is being detected, from my point of view.
  2. I've had a similar issue with the mouse cursor. Ingame the cursor would alternate rapidly between the Windows mouse cursor and a graphical mouse cursor. The graphical cursor was stuck in the middle of the screen and the Windows cursor could be moved with the mouse. Quite annoying. Solved by unplugging my controller (which, by the way, could not move the graphical cursor while being plugged in).