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  1. After the March QoL Update, Deerclops does 120 damage to both mobs and players while it was 75 to players and 150 to mobs. First I thought this as an intended feature but Winter's Feast event Deerclops's laser attack does 60 against player and 120 against mobs, so it looks like just a bug which Deerclops's PvE/PvP damage difference isn't working correctly. This is the footage that shows this bug; the sweep attack does 120 damage to both players and mobs, while laser attack does 60 to players and 120 to mobs. 2022-03-25_18-11-43.mp4
  2. FYI: This issue happened when using XBOX ONE S controller If you navigate the cursor to any direction while it's on hand slot, the cursor goes to the left end of inventory thus preventing the player from interacting with other equipment slots. This even happens with the inventory highlighted with RT button.