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  1. Hello, I have a bug where my Materials Study Terminal (MST) was working just fine throughout the game but I decided to use a Radbolt Champer to make the research go faster by sending Radbolts to the MST whenever needed. And this setup apparently bugged my MST where it works, but it reaches 0 Radbolts and starts getting recharged, it recharges up to 100 (this never happened before, it was always like 99.9 or 99.8) but my Researcher will no longer operate it and has no Errands pending. What I'm doing in the meanwhile to be able to play is to "Disable Building" and "Enable Building". That gets my Researched back to operating the MST until it reached 0 Radbolts and it bugs again. Image of my setup and image of the "no Errands" issue: Thank you, Best Regards