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  1. Don't think this is necessary for most characters at all Walter and warly or even winona maybe but other then that we seriously dont need it who knows why they buffed wurt this update anyway it was supposed to be about a great rework then they kinda just made wurt busted and its all anyone can talk about idk its a bit sucky to think about it this way but yeah
  2. I dont know exactly how to enter id assume you just comment so heres mine Thanks for doing this 750 is a lot to give hope your financially stable enough to do this' no seriously (happy 6 years dst too!)
  3. yes please also the fact he doesnt come down with you in caves when deployed
  4. i would like to see a tiny slingshot buff i do get your point though
  5. Wolfgang after the first few weeks of his rework got a complete overhaul and then some should Walter get the same treatment? A few buffs? or is he fine as is?