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  1. hello there just to update, i have found what caused this and I'm just an idiot i accidently turned on a mod called "1 HP Equality" which makes any mob with a health bar change hteir health to 1 including hte player so that would explain why Wanda would be stuck at age 79 sorry for disturbing I'm just an idiot
  2. to sum up, Wanda's age is just not working properly and its acting like she is age 79 no matter what and you cannot decrease even using an ageless watch and then she will just age to 80 years and die. what's even more curios is that after reviving her with a touchstone or life amulet or even a second chance watch her age is still stuck at 79 and then she dies like she would normally at age 80 but the screen will say she is at some randomly absurd number like seen in this screenshot if the could check if this is an issue or just something with a mod that would be most appreciated
  3. like if you see in the beta you can ping a recepie to have easy access to it but idk which button or command you need to put in to put an item in your quick craft thingy hen i first loaded up the beta it has a bunch of basic recepies pinged, how do i ping more with the remaning slots
  4. haaaaalp how in the kentucky fried gloomer do i ping a recipie i cannot for the life of me figure it out