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  1. That's a bit superfluous imo. For a lot of these spots (the waterlogged biomes in particular) my boat just consists of a firepit, maybe a pinchin winch and fishin bin if necessary, and then I just row back and forth with a driftwood oar. After all, what do you need all of those boat structures (malbatross sails???) for in a waterlogged biome?
  2. It's still a really neat sandbox tool and I'm sure all sorts of idea will arise from it over time! I just wish it rotated sails too.
  3. Is this permanent? The wording of a "sale" implies not but I would be surprised if this is a temporary change.
  4. Yeah I think pirate raids are kind of ridiculous for what they are right now. It feels kind of bad that my previous enjoyment of the ocean might be locked to Wolfgang and Wigfrid now since they can take out the raids with ease.... especially when Walter used to thrive in such an environment
  5. What do you mean by "casual playerbase"? Cause again I have been actively playing this game for 5 years and I think the raids are unreasonable to deal with. Doesn't help anyone to split up the playerbase of a game between "casuals" and "the REAL players"
  6. Must admit it is the most tiring thing in the world to, for the entire half a decade I have been in this community, see any opinion about some content being too demanding get deflected with "you want club penguin? you want animal crossing? you want stardew valley?" Like, come on. Its a real jerk move to deflect someone having issue with the way one very specific piece of content is balanced by going "oh you just want the game to be easy baby mode? you want baby bottle? you want luigi to play for you?" I think at the moment pirate raids conflict with the fast and loose gameplay that boating has always rewarded up to this point, and I think it's not at all unreasonable to want new content tuned so that it doesn't make that gameplay way way harder.
  7. Just thinking about this. The turf is simply sand, but unlike pebble beach turf, it goes above stuff like the moon crater turf or the fallen leaves of deciduous turf. Feels a little odd. Especially with the dirt-like border it has now, this makes moon quay beach turf pretty unruly for building imo.
  8. They definitely shouldn't eat salt. If they did, you'd be having all the cookie cutters swarming over to the salt that drops in the water when you mine a salt formation before you even have a chance to row closer and pick it up.
  9. Even though it's an explosion, cannonballs will just scatter the stone fruit around as items rather than cracking it open. EDIT: seems to apply to any workable item? shell bells are the same
  10. People really really want a trident buff and I think this would be a good way to do it. Right now hitting pirate boats with the trident is both awkward (your character will say they "can't do that" if you aim too close) and they don't even really react to it, they keep speeding right at you. Using the trident to scare them off would give you an extra way to deal with pirates during the late game, and reward those who engage with the harder ocean content like Crab King by making the early nuisances less of a thing.
  11. I feel like actual homing would instantly take away that really fun "realistic" feeling that cannons have. I just want a mild homing to make sure things hit, think like Kirby and the Forgotten Land projectiles if you've played that, simply a gentle homing if you're about to juuust barely miss something.
  12. Think it should be mentioned that the limits on telelocating mobs onto boats aren't just because of killing bosses, the nature of how boats and unloading works also means that if you load/unload a boat with mobs on it too many times, they'll simply glitch out onto the water. I telelocated a varg onto a boat back when that was still possible, and after I made a few trips in and out of my base it had escaped onto the open sea and was just running around there like nothing was wrong.
  13. Yeah!! I'd love this. With the high damage they've got now + ability to row with them, I think making battle paddles craftable would present a worthy opponent for glass cutters and dark swords.
  14. The cutless can't steal equipped items, and implicitly Klaus has the amulet equipped in order to use it like DS.