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  1. I miss the late 2000s and early 2010s back when life was clam.

    1. Cursed Name

      Cursed Name

      I don't feel comfortable making this statement.

      But I also miss being less carefree, about going to sleep without thinking about the next day's problems.

  2. Can't belive 2012 was 10 year ago, early 2010s was such a dreamy time.

  3. Game2gether forum is so fancy.

  4. Can charm be subsitute for gameplay?

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    2. minespatch


      You can do both.

    3. Waoling


      I mean like moblie game with incredible art, music and it give you this feeling of warmt and happiness but the gameplay is really bare bone, do you think the charm make up for the gameplay?

    4. minespatch


      Not exactly sure how to answer that.

  5. I hate commitment that is why I like doodling.

    1. Machine Reaper

      Machine Reaper

      shows us your doodles!

    2. Waoling
    3. Machine Reaper
  6. Feeling nostalgic for the early 2010s

  7. Best way to not get hate is to do nothing unless you are ask and say nothing unless you need to.

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    2. Machine Reaper

      Machine Reaper

      thought you did, you seem to spend too much time in this place

    3. Waoling


      Who do you suspect me of being?

    4. Machine Reaper

      Machine Reaper

      no reason, just don't spend too much time here, its not healthy~

  8. Feeling bored and....

  9. How to convince people that you are not a troll?

  10. My 1000 post.

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    2. Waoling


      I don't use social media so I just spend most of my free time on the forum.

    3. HellHeater


      today is 9 may and you came here in 23 feb 

      there is 75 days in between and if you have 1000 posts thats about 13 posts a day

    4. NightfallsCurse


      what? I don't even have 900 posts and I've been here for a year

  11. Why do I feel so sad for no reason?

  12. Who Guv?

    1. minespatch


      The name Yangus gives to the protagonist in Dragon Quest 8. The hero has no name, so I just call him what Yangus calls him. Even Jessica calls him guv.

  13. How can you ignore?

    1. jan Mele

      jan Mele

      Click on your account management button (the one with your nickname and pfp) and you'll see the ignore users option

  14. I have achieve true greatness, I'm on the first page of the forum.

    1. Waoling


      Happiness is so fleeting.

  15. I'm sorry.

    1. Lemon Forest

      Lemon Forest

      what for?

    2. Waoling


      The thing I said about how you should be posting in suggestion forum.

    3. Lemon Forest

      Lemon Forest

      Oh don't worry about it. I just posted it in suggestion forum. Thank you for this important information.

  16. I wish my short-term memory would also erase any regret I have of the past, and I wish I could remember anything good from yesterday.

  17. Have you wanted to fly away on hot air balloon? Far away from everything that trouble you? Far into the place of your dream, a place where could truly be yourself? To finally leave everything behide? I often daydream of that day, the day where finally found true happiness

    1. HellHeater


      i call that dying in peace

    2. Machine Reaper

      Machine Reaper

      I would prefer just sleeping under a tree in a green field.
      without a worry in the world~

  18. Why tablet so expensive? is there any cheap tablet?

    1. NightfallsCurse


      I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, it's $200,I didn't want to save for an iPad so my parents got a me a slow ass one

    2. Machine Reaper

      Machine Reaper

      Huion tablets are cheap and great!

      have one myself, it works wonderfully!

  19. My top 5 favorite art supplies.

    Number 5 acrylic paint, easy to find but not as beautiful

    Number 4 watercolor, I love the pale color but so messy

    Number 3 color pencil, super easy to find and make no mess but it is more expensive than a regular pencil and may make the lineart thicker than a regular pencil.

    Number 2 pencil, same as the color pencil but less expensive, love using when I want to draw art with Thin lines.

    Number 1 watercolor pen, watercolor+pen is my favorite.

    1. HellHeater


      how about digital art

    2. Waoling


      Too expensive.

  20. I tear up everytime I think about any artist death.

  21. It midnight and all I can think about is food!

  22. Is your profile chowder?

    1. Frosty_Mentos


      No it's helium

  23. The coziness of the mid-2000s to mid-2010s can't be matched.


  24. Games2gether forum is so fancy .