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  1. When new resource is being known to the dups, they are being shown as new for some time, as on attached picture. Player can click on the NEW string, to get the full list of all resources known at the very moment. Which is fine at the beginning of the game, but becomes annoying later, when the player wants to observe the resource. The only way to observe the resource is to open (in any way) the window with all resources, then find the resource which seems to be important to the player. It would be nice to have a way to observe the resource immediately from the main screen.
  2. For the record: "change" is not equal to "working as well"
  3. There are errands like sweeping or carrying wrangled animals which has two items involved: the one being carried and the place it is being carried. To check the errand priority one needs to guess where it is being carried (if there is more than one suitable destinations) and check the errand tab for target. It would be nice to check the errands for item involved as well.
  4. Context: I am trying to make two achievements in one base, henceforth I am starting the game from scratch like umpteenth times. Every time I am setting up the list of items being viewed in Diagnostic HUD in the same way. Please consider making it as a global setup, as I suspect majority of people will be setting it in the same way every time they are playing the game.
  5. There are items in the game requiring to select what kind of entities are being handled there. Storage bins (smart or not), dispensers, conveyor belt loaders, but also feeders and critters dropping points. The only way to change the status of entity handled there is to scroll, sometimes a long way, and find the item with your own eyes. It would be nice to have a Search field in all those windows, to allow for quicker finding wanted entity.
  6. I've spotted multiple issues related to "See all resources" window. 1. Small/not resizeable - please also check r34022. 2. It would be nice to have focus immediately on the filter text field, without need to clicking it with the mouse to be able to filter resources. 3. Handling the filtering is unreasonably slow. After typing the letters the game seems to be frozen for significant part of second. There isn't such amount of data to be processed here to make that hick-ups justifiable. As it seems to be performance related issue I am attaching my lshw output. hw-spec.txt
  7. When high priority is given for an entity (in this particular case: the outhouse), the icon showing the priority covers the progress bar.
  8. Currently the only way of scrolling the screen is with WASD or mouse. It would be nice if cursor arrow would be working as well. That might be extended as a feature request to have primary and secondary key attached to given function.
  9. In Schedule editing it would be nice to have an option to create a new schedule as a verbatim copy of chosen existing one.
  10. There are some windows in the game UI, which are made unnecessary small, without possibility to resize them. It makes managing the bigger amount of duplicants unnecessary annoying. In attached screenshot I am showing the Priorities windows, which requires scrolling, even if it could be just made bigger, but the issue affects Vitals, Consumables and Schedule as well.
  11. It would be nice to have a "copy settings" button for manual generator.