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  1. i changed my mind. wx is my favorite and best character
  2. Everyone who plays Wolfgang, Wortox, or Wanda call eachother's characters overpowered when clearly the best character is Willow
  3. My first post on this site was something like this, touching on his unfinished skin. Its something to do with limitations and honestly would use up too many resources trying to fix all the skins that do this. This is the post if you need to read the replies and find out why.
  4. issue been here for a day and still not reverted after new patch
  5. Recently, I've been playing with a controller because my mouse broke. I was fighting a spider until my attacks started delaying. Holding and/or spamming X on the controller does not do constant attacks, instead having a short delay. But, it works when there isnt a target to attack. And it was working just fine for me before. also the controller I was using was an xbox series x controller and mods were enabled
  6. ( this post is a joke and NOT A BUG REPORT but either way KLEI WHY DID YOU MAKE HIM LOOK LIKE THAT ) the side of maxwell's gladiator skin looks.. off. i dont know how to explain it but it just doesnt sit right with me. pls fix thx