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  1. There have been no issues with any other software, just DS. The problem seems related to Steam Cloud syncing of saved games. Is there any way to clear them? I deleted the settings.ini as you suggested. Immediately, I received the attached prompt. Translated from Finnish, it says: "Synchronization does not succeed. Steam could not recently synchronize the saves of Don't Starve with Steam Cloud. If you play now, you may lose the progress of an earlier gaming session permanently." I clicked "Play anyway". I have done this before but the prompt window looked less serious then than now. However, the game started properly and I seem to have two saved games intact. Let's hope that this solves the problem permanently. Deleting the settings.ini file might help the other victims of this bug, so you might consider adding the suggestion to the troubleshooting sheet. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, the troubleshooting list had no entries that my starting post would not have covered. Verify the integrity of your game's files on Steam – done, with zero complaints, to no avail. Ensure that there are no programs running that may interfere with Steam – I am not aware of any, and the problem originally appeared out of nowhere, without having installed any new programs with the possible exception of a system update. Check and update your drivers – up to date to my best knowledge. Check your system specs – DS was running just nicely on this very system. Disable or remove mods – never used any. Crashes on Startup / Poor Performance – this is not a battery-powered Mac, so this option is not available and the system always used the same dedicated GPU anyway. Log file attached. System specs: iMac Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017 4.2 GHz Quad-core Intel i7 32 Gt 2,400 MHz DDR4 Radeon Pro 580, 8 Gt log.txt
  3. Please choose a category Crash upon startup Platform Steam on iMac Do you use mods? Never. Version Number The newest (compile ID 5500621) because there are no updates available. I cannot press backspace to see the version because the program won't start. Issue title The game will not start. Steps to reproduce Clicking "Play" in Steam. Describe your issue For about four weeks now, I have had a critical problem with DS on my iMac. It originally hit the system quite suddenly, without any explicit connection to updates or such. Upon startup from Steam, Don't Starve does not show the "Loading..." text in the lower left hand corner – merely a black screen. Nothing happens. Restarting the game, Steam, or the whole computer does not help; the same issue persists during the next startup. However, the game runs smoothly on my HP laptop, a Mac Mini, a MacBook Pro, and even on the same iMac when I restart it into Windows Boot Camp and run Steam there. I have verified the game files, uninstalled the game, reinstalled it, and it still refuses to run under this one system environment – the one I use most. At times, there have been complaints about Steam being unable to sync the newest saves to the cloud, but I have not found a way to erase them so that all iterations of the game would see the cloud as empty and start afresh.