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  1. Confirmed. The latest update fixes it for me, too. Thank you!
  2. Most of the Automation devices have text fields that work as they're supposed to for me. I have tested with Atmo, Hydro, Wattage, and Timer Sensors, as well as the Thermo Sensor previously mentioned, and they all work with text entry. However, neither the Buffer nor the Filter Gate dialogues respond to keyboard input, same symptoms as the original report. Not even ESC works to close the dialogues; I have to click the X button. Also, I downloaded and installed yesterdays update, but it didn't seem to make any difference.
  3. I have another data point for you: I can enter text into the temperature field of a Thermo Sensor, but that's the only place I've found that works now. Not even the Search Database field works.
  4. Yes, both when I switched it off and again when I switched it back on. No apparent difference in appearance or behavior -- the bug is present both ways.
  5. I just tried toggling the fullscreen option on and off and it seems to make no difference; the game appears to remain in fullscreen.
  6. Okay, my bad because the bug seems to be present with the DLC turned off now, also. I have recently done the following, don't recall in what order: Upgraded from F33 to F34 using the Fedora Project guide. Purchased and installed the Spaced Out! DLC and started a new game. Downloaded and updated ONI as and when updates became available through Steam. Not sure when the bug showed up, but it definitely worked as expected in F33 with the base game and no DLC installed. As for gdb, strace, and other tools, it's been a minute but I'm sure it will all come back with some guidance.
  7. It works fine without the Spaced Out! DLC turned on, so I doubt that's it. I am running Fedora 34 with MATE desktop. All my other Steam games have no problems receiving keyboard inputs, either.
  8. More: it seems to be happening in any situation there is a text field. I just found I can't type in a search string in the research / technology tree, either.
  9. In Spaced Out, all text entry is ignored when you click on a valve or station. Only the sliders and arrows work, and even ESC doesn't do anything.