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  1. A duplicant cannot stop supplying polluted dirt because it's constantly evaporating.
  2. Dupe is stuck pumping the water with the pump if the space under pump is 1 cell high and there are two types of liquid available.
  3. There is no way to set a priority for an Engie's Tune-Up errand on most generators. Exception is manual, wood and coal generators which require duplicant's operation. As player I like to have all generators tuned up before a dupe will go to other operating errands.
  4. A duplicant only releases backpressure on an Oil Well when it's enabled. In my opinion: 1. It can be done regardless of the building's state 2. If Klei thinks it can only be done when the building is enabled, a dupe must continue to other errands if depressurizing errand is not possible at the moment.