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  1. There are normal tentacles, reeds, spiky bushes, normal spiders, and marsh turf.
  2. There is a swamp in my cave wtf klei?
  3. Cannot use gym when having moggles had no moggles on at night then I put them on no other light source I used
  4. oh and also it's still a reddish tint and there are cactus flowers but still lots of rain and oasis lake isn't there and antlion is not there and I don't need desert goggles because there is not dust. bees are normal no killer bees day 197 also I have no mods except for gesture wheel and geometric placement
  5. I have perfectly normal settings and I don't know how to insert files. So It was late game day 190~ something and it was raining and I was sitting by the campfire but then it became summer because the lake was made and dust was being thrown around which is normal but then it became spring again started raining oasis went away for no reason and no longer hot and no more dust so yeah...
  6. no it just spawned on water but it could go back on land so I assume it is not super high priority to be fixed
  7. I was trying to spawn the eye of terror for the second time to kill it again but this time it spawned in water I could still fight it but when it dashed it went back on land but went back again on the water.
  8. I got 1 treasury chest for eye for an eye cross-over event but I am not getting anymore for some reason it has been many weeks. I login weekly and I know you get around 2 a week.