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  1. It's 2021 and I just bought this game on steam. The pc version of the game does have Xbox controller support. I'm using a Xbox one controller on pc. The problem that I experienced and I think a lot other people are experiencing is difficulty in being able to save the options after changing settings to controller device and trying to leave the options menu. This is what you do - Go into the 'Options" menu, after setting the 'Device Input' to controller and making whatever other changes you want to do and it's time to leave and go back to the main menu, do the following - Press the menu button on the top of your Xbox controller, it's the small round button that has a typical hamburger icon with three horizontal lines printed on it, next accept changes and your done. This had me stumped and frustrated for quite a while before I figured it out. Hope this post helps someone else out there. Now I'm off to actually play the game and see if it's as good as what the reviews say. Have a happy day.