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  1. Note: None of the suggestions above worked so do not spend time reading them unless you didn't search in google Closing the thread. The solution is found, for anyone who is interested: (works only if you live within the same country/city) Use Hamachi or RAdmin(in my case), or any other application to make a tunnel between two PCs.
  2. Hey, could you please provide me with much more help? Of course, if you have some free time to spend...
  3. I know about the latency. That's why i mentioned my location. But still, even if I'm my machine is being a host, my friend still experiences lag issues. We live in the same city btw
  4. well, AMD Ryzen 5 2600, 16 GB 3200MHz RAM and 1050ti i think is enough.
  5. Hello, recently I started to play the game with my friend and we faced lag issues. The delay between collecting items and also hitting mobs in tremendous. For example, Coala Elephant can be hit only once instead of four times(from the previous run). Is there any recommendation for us so we can return before the previous behavior of the server or play w/o lags at all? P.S. Not internet issue (stable 500mb/s internet). Location: Kazakhstan(most probable reason of lags) Even though I launched a dedicated server and we still had the same problem