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  1. Hi~ I recently made a mod that reskins all tiles in the game to be different for materials. I would really be interested in seeing how people's bases look like with it. ^^ > Find the mod here <
  2. NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at ChoreConsumer.OnForcedCleanUp () [0x00001] in C:\jenkins_workspace\workspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\scripts\ai\demands\ChoreConsumer.cs:229 at KMonoBehaviour.OnDestroy () [0x00001] in C:\jenkins_workspace\workspace\Preview_Simgame_Windows\game\Assets\Plugins\Klei\util\KMonoBehaviour.cs:207 Crash, which happens when using the Sandbox destroy tool. (I assume when removing an object a duplicant is targeting)
  3. Many mods allow you to input ID-s of buildings or elements in their configs, but if you don't have access to the decompiled game files it can be difficult to come by what can you exactly enter. I made a quick website to have the ID-s of most things in game available publicly: https://aki-art.github.io/oni-ids/ Mod users: use this list to find ID-s of things, for mods like Configurable Build Menu or Customize Geyser. Mod creators: you can link pages as aid for your config files. If Klei thinks this is not something to be shared please let me know. This page is intended purely for mod configuration help, and for those making worldgen mods to be able to access prefab tags without having to deal with C# code.