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  1. This game has permadeath. If you die you have to start from beginning. Except you found a touchstone or build a respawn item. Alternatively you can choose another game mode (no sweat) on start in witch you can respawn but drop all your inventory where you die. https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Death
  2. Is it normal to get no Answer or is it me questioning stupid?
  3. Is there a planned release for Hamlet Pocket?
  4. Wish for Collectibles like the outfits in DST with Minigames. The possibility for modding the pe's would also be nice to have.
  5. Found out myself it already exist. Just disable the virtual controller.
  6. Just pop onto Homescreen without forewarning. Have to open the app again and reload last autosave. Razerphone 2 Android 9
  7. Hello there, I recommend a control where you can singlehanded move around by tapping where the char should walk. And some quick access buttons for items of choice.