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  1. 不是骑牛的问题 我用旺达打龙蝇到半血的时候 暴怒了 我靠着加速绕着岩浆池跑 然后她直接在岩浆池旁边飞走了
  2. Mighty Wolfgang become invisible when you tries to carry a statue or anything similar A screen shot in game: (The shadow of the character is still visible in the centre) Another screen shot taken in the same world when I am preparing for upgrading the star-caller's staff This shouldn't be a mod issue since no animation mod is enabled (I suppose so)
  3. So the custom book should be able to: Be used to craft items. Be read and spawn something I'll be really grateful if someone help me out
  4. I'm trying to make a custom book for my mod character.It works like Maxwell's Condex Umbra,but you could read it as well.(What the book do onread doesn't matter now.Just leave blank for function) I'm also trying to find books' script in DST but I didn't find any helpful information.How to find useful information?