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  1. [update] Last time I thought I had tried launching the game with 45 Inventory mod disabled, but this time I tried the same and it turned out to be okay. Just figured out this mod could be the reason. Thank you you were right Mr.Rickzzs! It seems the developer released a new mod instead updating the previous one.
  2. Wonder if you had any chance to take a look at the ‘Steps to reproduce’. I already double-checked the game still crashed when all mods were disabled.
  3. Hi, When I hit Dragonfly I get disconnected from the server as below. I have done some tests to figure out the reason, and it seems a volt goat chaud-froid or adding an electric damage when hitting an enemy causes a server to crash because without having a volt goat chaud-froid it dosn't make any problem. The server was okay before I changed to Webber. Server disconnection once hitting Dragonfly started occurring when I played Webber with a bunch of spiders befriended. After that it keeps occurring even though I changed Webber to Wendy. I have more data attached below, in case any of you need them. Please let me know if there are any other data I can provide to solve this problem. Thanks in advance. client_log.txt server_log.txt