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  1. Okay, thank you for the update. Good luck with finding the issue!
  2. Has there been any updates on the issue since your last comment? I really wanna get back to this game and modding was a bigger up-side for me.
  3. It's set to known issue on a different post.
  4. Pretty sure anyone with corrupted files and already tried everything on the article come to the forums to look for a way to solve this issue. Ill make a rand assumption that this has to do with reinstalling the game and doing something with the mods themselves like unsubscribing from them. Again, just a theory.
  5. Yep, here it is. I've checked in some of the folders and found out this is The Engineer mod. All of the animation files etc are in the corresponding folders.
  6. So I've tried everything, from the guides on safe booting and deleting the mod files, launching steam and the game via administration powers to reinstalling the game, the mods and everything else. I've contacted support and they have not found any problems with the logs I've provided. It is quite the interesting bug. Images provided below on how it looks like. Additionally, the mods do get saved in the workshop folder but do not get transferred into the DST Folder, not allowing them to load. I have no idea why this happens and I tried to manually put them in and rename them but nothing worked. Mods that pop us as corrupted: The Engineer by Goat Slice Combined Status by rezecib Simple Health Bar DST by DYC Note: These mods were added before the recent terraria update meaning they should've worked.
  7. Hey there! I'm mainly making this post since DST Support specifically told me to go here as so far they couldn't find an answer to my technical problem. Recently I've reinstalled DST with some mods and half of them aren't actually working, they just display as "workshop-xxxxxx", screenshot attached below. I have also tried pretty much all guides that could possibly fix this problem like starting the game/steam up via admin rights, safe rebooting and deleting mod files, resubbing to the mods, reinstalling the game, rechecking firewall, trying to update them, verifying files and so on, you get the point. I still have no clue what could be causing this hence why I'm here. I also found out that the mods aren't actually installing properly either, like they install under the steam workshop folder but not into the DST mods folder. Specs: Windows 10 Operating System GPU : GTX 1050 ti CPU : i7-3770 12gb RAM