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  1. Oh thank god that worked. I just deleted everything in the mod folder and it worked. thank you so much.
  2. At this point no mods are installed and its still causing aan error saying a mod is installed. Im not mad at the devs but it is strange that i haave this installed on 2 pcs with the same mods and for some reason my desktop wont run it anymore...
  3. Welp deleted the folder wall pumps was in and it is still crashing on launch ;(. should i post a new player log or is there another suggestion. Sorry my reply is late i woukd nights and tend to worj 10 to 12 days straight. Thank you for your patience and i aam thankful for the input hopefully i can fix my desk top soon my surface is maxed out with my save file roughly 1fpm now... Heres an intriguing update. i unsubscribed from all the mods and deleted all the workshop subscriptions. and heres what the game keep trying to do... [03:47:45.181] [1] [INFO] Save path: C:\Users\Owner\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded [03:47:45.883] [1] [INFO] Latent reinstall of mod Plan Buildings Without Materials [03:47:45.941] [1] [INFO] Latent reinstall of mod Wall Pumps and Vents [03:47:45.942] [1] [INFO] Latent reinstall of mod Algae Grower [03:47:45.979] [1] [INFO] Latent reinstall of mod Airlock Door any help or suggestions would be greatly appriciated Player.log Player-prev.log
  4. Game crashes on launch. Ate by a blackhole immediately after klei splash. i cannot repoduce it on my surfaace pro 3. the error happens on my gaming desktop.