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  1. I'm trying to build a rocket with sugar engine. The engine shows the warning "No electrical consumers", but there is no obvious way to connect anything to it: it doesn't have any electrical connections. There are no electrical connections in the capsule/nosecone for that matter.
  2. The in-game information for late game content is far from adequate. I'm trying to build my first rocket and nothing works as expected: why does CO2 engine have a gas intake, but gas cargo canister doesn't? Why doesn't gas from Gas Rocket Port Loader load in either of them? Where do I store the gases for in-flight needs? A tutorial with a picture or two, like the ones for plumbing and ventilation would be very helpful.
  3. I usually set some cooking recipes to "Forever": whenever a batch of Meal Lice is harvested, it is converted to a Liceloaf. However it means that most of the time I see on the screen a useless "Building lacks resources" warning that makes it more difficult to recognize the actual important warnings. It would be nice to either switch off "Building lack resources" for any "Forever" recipes completely or add some kind of toggle to control it.