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  1. I have crashed problem with all my consoles. PS4 and PS5, the DLC Shipwrecked crashed after day 50. Have this problem for year. There has been only one update this year, which did not fix the problem. I wrote to Playstation support, no one help me from there. I love this game and I was patient and waiting for you to fix the problem, but no, no and no. No one fix the problem... OK, I had to find a solution on my own. I have Nintendo switch. I bought the game for this console too. For now, after day 50 the game not crashed, but engages, loop and can't move the character, which makes it impossible to play. So, you have a lot of problem with all consoles. Will anyone pay attention to us? Please fix the problem, please, please, please... The game is great, but I don't want to try on a computer if there will be this annoying crashed too.
  2. Nobody pays attention to the problem??? Please fix the issue
  3. I have same problem. In PS4 and PS5 too. In the Monsoon Season, after day 45 the game is crashing. Please fix this problem. I write in Playstation support and no one can help...