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  1. Since yesterday, I can't connect to my world. The character portrait that appears on the world is a question mark even though the day count is past 800. I've gone down the "Can't connect to server" troubleshoot page as well as the directory one, nothing helps. I've tried copy/paste of cluster file on top of a newly made cluster file with the same parameters (WX-78, caves, mods disabled, etc.). Nothing. P.S. I read that some people think the caves are the issue. I deleted the caves folder and found that it's the only thing that has gotten me past the fail to start point. However, I get the error attached. Also, having deleted the caves folder, WX-78 appears back in the host portrait instead of a question mark. I'm not sure if this is important, but when I first started having trouble with the file it would say that it was a forest only world when that's not the case. Only after a few login attempts did it switch to forest and caves.