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  1. Hmm, not sure. Let's see. Before moving to the next tile I have: 540 kg of petroleum 360 kg of oxilite After moving to the next tile I have: 450 kg of petroleum 270 kg of oxilite So this seems like a rounding issue, but that's some very strict rounding to make 270/90 == 2 Unless the actual amount inside the tank is 269.9 and the UI is showing the rounded amount, but the actual game logic is using the real value Edit: This is silly, it goes both ways - I moved another tile and now I have : 360 kg of petroleum 180 kg of oxilite And it's still showing 2 tiles left. So I assume they're using float values to compare the fuel amounts, and the floating point in the end like +-0.000000002 is messing things up.
  2. I've attached a save file. I'm really not sure what caused it, but there is a rocket that is supposed to move 1 tile, and once it does, the remaining range is reduced from 4 tiles to 2 tile and my rocket cannot comeback home. If you need any more information, just tell, I'll try to provide.