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  1. Hi guys! My Klei accounts transactions are listing a Shop Chest item transaction from Steam but I never bought this item, I just clicked inside the game on "Buy now" and I've not finished it. This is the response from transactions/data.json for this item: { "TxnID": "", "Type": "TXN_CREATE_AN_ITEM", "Time": 1638570992.745589, "Game": "Don't Starve Together", "GameID": "DST", "Reason": "Create An Item", "ImageURL": "/assets/images/txn-fce8fc12c2.png", "Title": "Shop Chest (Steam)", "ItemID": 246615976128948931, "ItemType": "PURCHASEBOX_STEAM", "TagList": null, "Colour": "", "HasItemType": false, "HasCurrency": false, "RewardLinkName": "", "RawCurrencyName": "", "CurrencyName": "", "CurrencyAmount": 0, "CurrencyBalance": 0, "CurrencyPolarity": 0, "CanRollback": false, "IsRollback": false, "FromPurchaseBox": false, "Source": "PACK_COSTUME_CLOTHES" },