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  1. I could not find a working mode to set my hp to 1 for a challenge, can someone tell me if there is one for either DST or DS?
  2. Some people think that DST is easy and they want more challenge. Actually, you can make it harder yourself if you think it is the case. Here is a list of challenges that will make it way harder for you if you think it is easy. 1) You cannot eat anything at all, kill Fuelweaver. 2) Kill all bosses in a 1 hp world, no revive, bone armor, ranged weapon or exploit allowed. 3) Kill enraged Klaus in a winter only world, no science allowed (no Wickerbottom, no science machine or alchemy engine, no presthatitator or shadow manipulator and no gear from the ruins). There you go, if you think this game is easy, you can try these challenges. It is not logical to me that people complain about the low difficulty of this game when they can easily make it harder.