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  1. Hello everyone, I have some troubles with the base game (vanilla) whenever I activate the mods. Before the new DLC update arrived, the game had functioned normally when I enabled all my mods but with the new update, the mods started to crash everytime from the login screen. I usually run about 20 mods but since the new update, I can only use some of them (below 12 mods) at a time for some reasons (well actually I'm not even sure cuz sometimes I restart the game and the number of usable mods are being changed). The problem cannot be the mods (outdated???) because IT CAN STILL BE USED occasionally without any trouble. Honestly, I really love these mods so I would be grateful if someone can help me fix this issue which have never happened before until the newest update of the DLC version. Thank you Here is the picture of the error that I had recently been struggling to understand.