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  1. I was playing on a friends only server on Series X with another local player. When he went down into the caves for the first time, it got stuck on the loading screen. I was going to follow him anyway, so I entered as well. We both sat for quite some time before an error messaged tried to display itself in the middle of the screen, but only I could see it on my side. His was still the loading background. I force quit the game and reentered the next time we played without issues. Not sure how to attach logs form the console.
  2. I had amassed about 15 spidey friends. ~4-5 warriors and the rest regular spiders. When I logged back in for the first time, I only had about 2-4 regular spiders and all my warrior spiders. This was a Friends only server I was running just to play by myself on the Xbox Series X.
  3. This explicitly means that it's PC only and not just Steam/Mac, ya? I'm not finding "Don't Starve Mod Tools" when searching the steam workshop on my Mac.