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  1. The first time I posted it failed, the second time the form insisted on uploading another file after the first had been acknowledged; both aren't helpful in this case but enjoy my grocery lists
  2. If two dupes try to wrangle the same critter, you'll get a null reference deal that crashes the game; guessing one finishes before the other and the second shouldn't have started wrangling the same one in the first place. Worth noting this was with a couple hundred hatches in a 1x1 space and instant work mode on. Your bug reporting system is way too much work on my end; I had to make an account and everything, but maybe that's the point. I tried to upload an actual log but the page crashed (not sure if it's y'all or my browser that kept my entry, but thanks), enjoy a grocery list from some time ago instead. Feel free to nab my save from your cloud instance
  3. I put this post in the wrong area but can't remove or move it (that feature may exist, I'll keep looking)