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  1. Manually setting priorities for duplicants is still very confusing and difficult to sort through with its current UI. It would make sorting priorities for duplicants much easier if we could group duplicants together through the priority window. Even better would be to have these groups become collapsible drop-down lists as well! As the UI works now, I have to very carefully study my duplicants priorities to rediscover any specialized teams in order to change their workload. The only workaround without mods would be to add prefixes to duplicant names and sort the list alphabetically, which kinda takes away from the aesthetic of the game imo. Just look at this confusing, necessary, mess...
  2. I'm no expert, but I have a feeling this could be just be a memory issue.
  3. So... there has been some updates since i last played. Gas masks are a thing, and de-odorizers require power. imo... Not bad~!!! BUT!!!!! Klei!!! you have done everything but include a basic, gosh dang, kitchen sink for duplicants to fill water jugs.... !!! In order to make a convenient place for duplicants to fill water jugs with clean water i have to dedicate a MINIMUM of a 5x6 space so that a "pitcher pump" works effectively with a liquid reservoir pump system without overflowing or causing some sort of other disaster... Water jug fill station... with a basic clean water input... PLEASE!!! If we have the technology to pump water through toilets, sinks, showers and etc; WHY CANT WE FILL A GOSH DANG JUG AT A KITCHEN SINK WITHOUT A PITCHER PUMP?!?!