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  1. Hi, this happens to me at least once a week. Playing game at normal speed (typically within first 24 cycles). Screen suddenly goes black/grey, loud buzziing sound is heard. Cannot interrupt---cannot power reset, cannot CTRL-ALT our, completely stuck on buzzing grey screen until I pull the power cord and reboot. This is NOT my hardware: Intel i7 8700K, Radeon RX Vega, 16GB RAM Hardware temperature is NOT hot/overheating. Current drivers ARE installed. This bug has happened both after one hour of game play and (this most recent time) with less than five minutes of gameplay after a cold/overnight boot of my system. NOT a heat issue. Player log from this most recent crash attached. Most recent save file is from previous night at end of game-play. This bug happened approxiamtey four minutes after starting up play this morning off the attached save file. DxDiag.exe file attached. No Windows crash log present. Player.log Radioactive Committee Cycle 40.sav DxDiag file.txt