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  1. Not a factor, the roundtrip enabled was for the "upcoming" trip that it was unable to make, but you did make me stop and think about it, haha. And no the automation is not at fault because there "isnt" any automation on "this planet".
  2. I have been messing around with automating rocket launches on 2 planets with pretty good success, however when i send a rocket from a automated planet to a non-automated planet, as u can see in the screenshot, i cant launch again from there since its not automated at the new location, when you try to, it tells you its automation controlled when in fact it is not (it was automated at the previous planet the rocket it was at). Yes save/reload will resolve the issue.
  3. Appears that all the extra artifacts are Office Mugs. Also the cargo bay seems to retain artifact transfer module info, long after they were emptied and then deconstructed (i demo'ed them and replaced with a cargo bay awhile ago) but they still show up as shown in screenshot. Just checked this and a save/reload will clear the old info.
  4. If you put multiple artifact transport modules on your rocket, send it to a single location, you will get a artifact for each module (have not tried with more than 3 modules). Also if artifact respawning at space locations is intentional, you should really consider slowing down the respawn rate, if its not intentional, be aware that the collected status returns to available status at some point, (don't know if its a certain amount of time, or just a game reload, honestly haven't checked) and you can once again collect multiple artifacts from locations you previously collected from.
  5. This doesn't happen every landing, but often enough to be a little bit of a pain. Its not a new problem, had issue on my last play through and its happening again on my new playthrough, i have been back to playing Oxy for several weeks now. When it does happen, it can be cleared up by either launching rocket or by save/reloading game. I asked on discord if this was a "me" issue (i am a mod user, so there is always that chance) or if others were experiencing it, general consensus was that it was a bug affecting more than just me, and apparently this issue has been featured in Francis John? youtube videos. But nobody was sure if it was a reported/tracked bug, so decided to go ahead and report it just in case. My save file wont be helpful since loading save is one of the things that clears it up, lol. And there is the fact that it doesn't happen on all landings.
  6. This new feature has been working fine for me, i switched to the beta testing branch yesterday specifically because i wanted to try it and i have used it alot today. Are you on the dev build/beta testing branch?
  7. Be nice if this message would go away after all research is completed.
  8. Pretty much everything in rockets can be grounded except recreational buildings (IE Water Cooler, Beach Chair etc) we still have to do those manually, else "where is Suzy, hmm let me check all the rockets, maybe i forgot to ground a beach chair"
  9. Currently you have to unground it in order for a clean toilet command to work, then babysit it so you can ground it again when its done (else risk forgetting to until you notice it filling up again from use while rocket is on a planet, lol)