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  1. After 100 + days I'll get a glitch that makes the map look like this. I tried turning off mods that I thought would cause it but it didn't seem to work. It has happened on multiple worlds but only later in the game. The glitch temporarily fixes itself when you enter and exit caves but returns to looking like this after relogging. It always happens at the same part of the map, around the spawn when the glitch occurs (My camera is rotated one to the right). This glitch does not seem to affect other players on the server in multiplayer. On this world in specific it happened on day 231 but the lowest I have gotten it is on day 108. The mods I still currently use are: Client: Admin Scoreboard +, Combined Status, Craft Pot, Geometric Placement, and Gesture Wheel Server: Epic Heath bar, Eternal Glowcaps & Mushlights, and Insight If any of these mods are known to cause this issue please tell me which one(s) it is.