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  1. You can always click in the little circle in the full list of things to basically lock the ressources you want to keep an eye on, they will always appear in the main screen.
  2. Is it not always consistent though? The way I see it, a bridge and a valve act as direction priorities, if the content (in this case liquid) is free to pass, it will prioritize that direction, and if it can't pass in full (valve flow control or exit pipe blocked), then the content will continue onto an overflow pipe if there's one. This is after all one of the way how people build element filters for liquids and gases. In this build, there's only one element in the pipes, so no element conflict. The valve is set to let half the content of a packet go through, the other half is free to go through the overflow to the bridge, which is what happens if I do not merge both pipes at the bridge, but only after (which I guess will be my temporary fix for the time being).
  3. On the one working, they are all going in the right direction (from valve to bridge). In the one not working, should I force the overflow to fill up, by blocking the pipe after the bridge, the moment I restart the flow, the water will favour going down into the valve instead of up towards the bridge. Edit: I managed to take quick videos and convert them into rough gifs to illustrate:
  4. Two liquid valves, exact same setup, both set to let 5000g of liquid pass through, both with an "overflow" line leading to a liquid bridge for proper direction. One splits each packet of 10Kg of liquid into the two pipes, merging at the bridge (as intended), the other will only let 5Kg through, reducing the overall flow of the rest of the loop. Building the valve setup in sandbox mode seem to either have the valves split the flow in two, or just reduce the flow. Managed to fix it in test world by quitting the game and reloading, but actual game file will not be fixed so easily.
  5. My feedback about UI: I used to have to go into my UI scale settings every start because even if the screen settings were good, the icons at the bottom were cut off, so I had to move the slider from 100% and then back to 100% to be scaled. Now, the icons when starting the game seem to be a bit too high, and the copy building icon appears lower, until I do the above trick again. Plus, as other mentioned, the build menu seems blown up after selecting the copy building option. About mods: it seems to be affecting modded buildings in the sense that they appear in the research menu, but they don't appear in the build menu. As I'm writing this, one that has already been updated and fixed is the Airlock Door. The good news is that at least those modded buildings already placed in the world are still there and function normally, so no game braking of current builds, and that is a good thing.