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  1. It seems, the behaviour stays the same, even with all mods disabled, but I seem to have been able to build the cable from gold. On closer inspection the Or gate is at 222 degrees C, so it must be melting the lead. So I suggest the bug here, is that when a wire goes from awaiting materials stage, to awaiting construction stage, if the temperature is too hot for the material to stay, it should either prevent building (!!extreme temperature has led to a state change and hence loss of materials required for construction!!), or return back to the awaiting materials stage, and essentially fix the build at that point
  2. I have a complex automation setup, involving a (rocket) scanner, and the various doors which need opening/closing for it to launch safely. I reconfigured things, so ordered the removal of certain automation cables. When I ordered it to be reconstructed, it builds everything except 1 cable, which happens to be over a[n or gate] port I need. All the 9 squares around it build fine, and I can build other things (like power) on this square, but the automation cable just refuses to build on this square. When I clear and setup the build afresh, priority 10, In response to the 'awaiting deliver of 5kg Lead) I can see a Dup deliver the 5kg of lead (which then drops to the floor, albeit the description now shows construction errand), then someone else comes to build the automation cable, but they only stop by briefly and when they go, the part is still shown as a shadow, the description still shows as construction errand, and there is now no listed 'available errands' under the item, and no dupes come to service it.