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  1. My computer is 64bit but when i open server on 64bit version and someone join my server, there's too much lag to play. Server was fine before Waterlogged update and i can run server on 32bit version with bit uncomfortable. Is here anyone in same trouble with me? If someone know how to fix it, tell me please
  2. Does your server blow up or have lag too much? Mine has too much lag to play.
  3. Before update Waterlogged, there's no problem how many players in my server. but after update, i can't play the game because of server lag when other players join my server. My network is fine When my brother opens server in same network with mine, it works fine. Only my server is in trouble. I already tried reinstalling game twice, opening new world and deleting Mods. Please answer me I don't want to make KLEI to hurry fixing bugs. I just want to listen what it problem.