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  1. Black holes are not displayed. The game goes into an infinite loop, is killed from the system, and MacOS returns to the login screen. There is no Player-preg.log at that time. The same phenomenon occurs at auto save timing. I will attach the log at that time. Player-prev.log
  2. Reboot in the middle of 510 turns. SYSTEM INFO: Platform=OSXPlayer OSname=Mac OS X 11.5.0 OSversion= CPUmodel=iMac17,1 CPUdeviceType=Desktop ProcBits=64 CPUcount=4 CPUtype=Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600 CPU @ 3.30GHz SystemMemoryMegs=32768 GPUgraphicsDeviceID=0 GPUname=AMD Radeon R9 M395 GPUgraphicsDeviceType=Metal GPUgraphicsDeviceVendor=Apple GPUgraphicsDeviceVendorID=0 GPUgraphicsDeviceVersion=Metal GPUmemoryMegs=2048 GPUgraphicsMultiThreaded=True GPUgraphicsShaderLevel=50 GPUmaxTextureSize=16384 GPUnpotSupport=Full GPUsupportedRenderTargetCount=8 GPUsupports2DArrayTextures=True GPUsupports3DTextures=True GPUsupportsComputeShaders=True GPUsupportsImageEffects=True GPUsupportsInstancing=True GPUsupportsRenderToCubemap=True GPUsupportsShadows=True GPUsupportsSparseTextures=False System Language=Japanese [04:38:24.783] [1] [INFO] Initializing at 2021-08-18 04:38:24.783 [04:38:24.784] [1] [INFO] Save path: /Users/bungo/Library/Application Support/unity.Klei.Oxygen Not Included [04:38:26.160] [1] [INFO] Japanese Language Pack: Successfully loaded from path 'root' with content 'Translation'. [04:38:26.162] [1] [INFO] Choose Neural Vacillator: Successfully loaded from path 'root' with content 'DLL'. [04:38:26.164] [1] [INFO] Blueprints fixed has a mod.yaml with a staticID `Blueprints.fixed`, using that from now on. [04:38:26.168] [1] [INFO] Blueprints fixed: Successfully loaded from path 'root' with content 'DLL'. [04:38:26.169] [1] [INFO] Pliers fixed has a mod.yaml with a staticID `Pliers.fixed`, using that from now on. [04:38:26.172] [1] [INFO] Pliers fixed: Successfully loaded from path 'root' with content 'DLL'. [04:38:26.173] [1] [INFO] Using builtin mod system. [04:38:26.198] [1] [INFO] Localization.Initialize! [04:38:26.199] [1] [INFO] Localization Initialize... Mod-based localization [04:38:26.381] [1] [INFO] -> Locale is now ja:Japanese:LeftToRight:NotoSansCJKjp-Regular [04:38:27.475] [1] [INFO] TRANSLATION ERROR! The following have missing or mismatched parameters: STRINGS.UI.UISIDESCREENS.BUTTONMENUSIDESCREEN.DISALLOW_INTERNAL_CONSTRUCTOR_TOOLTIP STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.FLUSHTOILET.NAME STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.FLUSHTOILETINUSE.NAME STRINGS.ROBOTS.STATUSITEMS.DEADBATTERY.DESC STRINGS.ROBOTS.STATUSITEMS.DEADBATTERY.TOOLTIP [04:38:27.475] [1] [INFO] TRANSLATION ERROR! The following do not have the same amount of <link> tags as the english string which can cause nested link errors: STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.MISSINGFOUNDATION.TOOLTIP STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.NEEDSOLIDIN.TOOLTIP STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.NEEDSOLIDOUT.TOOLTIP STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.SOLIDPIPEOBSTRUCTED.TOOLTIP STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.ROCKETCARGOEMPTYING.TOOLTIP STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.ROCKETCARGOFILLING.TOOLTIP STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.ROCKET_PORT_IDLE.TOOLTIP STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.CONNECTED_ROCKET_NO_PORT.TOOLTIP [04:38:27.526] [1] [INFO] -> Loaded language from mod: 928606476 [04:38:27.527] [1] [WARNING] Can't init Steam distribution platform... Unloading 5 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 0) System memory in use before: 279.1 MB. System memory in use after: 279.9 MB. Unloading 1032 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 45068. Total: 110.592593 ms (FindLiveObjects: 4.103350 ms CreateObjectMapping: 1.508149 ms MarkObjects: 103.361726 ms DeleteObjects: 1.618670 ms) Setting up 1 worker threads for Enlighten. Thread -> id: 700004a74000 -> priority: 1 ##utp:{"type":"MemoryLeaks","version":2,"phase":"Immediate","time":1629261520502,"processId":71448,"allocatedMemory":776085,"memoryLabels":[{"Default":136},{"Permanent":24},{"NewDelete":745048},{"Thread":344},{"Manager":1632},{"Geometry":-168},{"GfxDevice":624},{"GfxThread":288},{"Serialization":568},{"String":305},{"DynamicArray":4},{"HashMap":25344},{"Sprites":8},{"GI":296},{"VR":1536},{"Subsystems":96}]}
  3. It crashes in the middle of the 481 turn. OS: macOS Big Sur version 11.5 iMac 27 inch Late 2015 Memory 32GB