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  1. There was this one time when I was playing..I had a pretty good base,and some really good items. It wasn't my first time playing the game,but surely not my last either. I had started it on Spring,because I'm that kind of person. I had made it all the way to Winter somehow without dying somehow. Thinking about it now,my base wasn't in that good of a spot just around a normal forest and far from the base was a bunch of Tallbird nests,bees,and rocks if I remember correctly. I had made it to winter,I can't remember the date though. I had my thermal stone with me,and was out exploring. Then,while exploring I got attacked and died. I can't remember what I was killed by,maybe a walrus or hounds somehow. I was never good at fighting mobs anyways. However,I had a touchstone and came back. But,it was winter and my base was a considerable distance away from the touchstone. I tried to make it to my base in time,but was killed permanently by the freezing colds without getting to the fire. Welp.
  2. Ah,thank you guys. ^^u I thought I was just dumb.
  3. Sorry if this isn't in the right spot,I'm also sorry if this has been asked before. I looked online and it has stuff to do with mods people are making. But I didn't make any mods of my own,I only install them so I'm confused. I don't even know where the folder to deal with this is anyways,sorry if I'm really stupid. This only began happening recently,so I don't know what could be causing this problem and I'm not sure how to fix it,or where to fix it. I don't even know anything about code.