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  1. Client crashes when trying to load/resume the attached saved game and any of its 10 auto-save. The loading screen appears, then the crash report briefly shows up (no button works), then the main menu briefly shows up and the client crashes to desktop. The same happens if trying to load older cycles from the specific saved game. New game works fine. Loading other saved games works fine. Trying to load the concerned saved game from a loaded game results in above described issue. The attached Player.log is from the crash when trying to load concerned saved game from the main menu. The concerned saved game was working correctly minutes before. While working, a manual save was performed and game was closed using ALT+F4. Other mundane tasks were done on Windows and internet then the game was reopened from desktop icon and the issue occurred. Computer restart was performed but did not resolve the issue. No mods, default configuration, performed local files integrity verification, and all the recommended actions under the Troubleshooting Guide. DxDiag.txt Spacepad.sav Player.log Spacepad.sav