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  1. >Isn't it so that the code base in Spaced Out never launches meteors? I am playing Vanilla, and in Vanilla meteors are supposed to be still there. But yeah, it could be a bug connected to merge.
  2. Yeah, or it could just expose game to not well tested edge-case condition - like 'breaching space' in first cycle. Because of this possibility I created this bug ticket.
  3. Hi, in my game I don't have any meteor showers. I started game on ''breath of fresh air" update. Nothing meteor-related in logs. I attach logs and save file. I play on 'EmptyWorlds' mod ( ). With this mod you can 'breach the surface' very soon. I breached the surface very soon, in first cycles. Could please fix my save? Hypothesis on what might be wrong. * I 'breached the space' very soon in the very first cycles. Top part of the world was probably not spawned at the time. Could it be that there is an assumption in the code that upon 'breaching space' top of the world is already spawned? Starting Geotermal.sav