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  1. Great, I can't play with the mods I want, on the version I want - because you have new stuff. No wonder Rimworld's population is so much higher consistently. They allow people to play older versions while their favorite mods update. It's space magic man, try it out. I just lost a 1327 cycle colony because you guys have mandatory updates. I shouldn't have to block steam, download a pirated copy of a game I already own and spend the day reconfiguring it so I can play a colony I had been playing for 200 hours. In the world of software development we call that a failure. If your users can't use your product the way they want to use it - they will use something else.
  2. Once again you release a patch with no option to revert to previous version...leaving me no choice but to torrent a version that works for me until I'm ready for the update. You guys keep doing this over and over and over. When will you link the previous versions so we can continue playing with our existing colony? I love this game, it's awesome, and I know you're excited about your new content...that's great! But let us have a choice as to what version we use. My game won't even load! <3 a concerned citizen
  3. You've added all this late game content - while it's great - in theory...the game simply cannot be enjoyable after utilizing it. You have to sacrifice having fun for FPS management. I have a very fast system - I've tried process lasso and other utilities to dedicate ONI it's own threads. I've done everything that is listed anywhere with any information regarding game speed issues. I love the game...absolutely love it. I just want to play it without having to worry about 100 different things that cause lag. Hell, earlier today it was running smooth-ish at cycle 550...I restart my computer and now it lags during pause screens...causing me to try and time my building placements with the stutter! While paused! You guys need to write this like a modern game and allow for game engine integrated multi-threading and use of the GPU. I've got an RTX 3070 and it doesn't even use have given all the workload to one CPU core (well 90% of it). When will we stop getting upgrades we can only play with in a slide show, while grumbling and restarting colonies? Thanks.
  4. Hey there, you should really think about tossing 477203 into Steam as a playable option under beta...instead of the "Big Merge" (469300) update...A. 90% of mods that introduce items into the game broke with your more recent update, B. none of my saves will load with 469300. Why would you release an update that breaks saves on the only other playable version of the game? Did it not occur to you that people may still want to play the game from where they were previously? I shouldn't have to torrent a game I own to continue playing where I left off (which I'm doing since the previous version in Steam is incorrect and very obviously NOT the previous version). Great looking update, poor implementation.
  5. Same issue, launches fine (gantry retracted). Upon landing (gantry retracted) gantry is damaged and unusable. It takes an effort to get my dupes out of the spacecraft and automation is neigh on impossible. You would think making the gantry indestructible in the interim would be a work around until they can fix the main problem. Very frustrating when trying to automate rocket launch and retrieval. Thanks.