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  1. Where are the others? Oasis only protects you while you are inside it, making all of its edges at risk (including Boats, because of course that'd happen) and Above Average Trees are the only other source of blanket protection I've found.
  2. Scaled Flooring used to produce six Turf. It now produces four Turf. It was hard enough to justify using it as anything besides dupe material, now it's worse at even that. I feel like the change was an accident; can it produce six again? Or even get buffed to eight? While I'm at it, can I request that it provides wildfire immunity? It almost completely stops fire's spread, unless something is directly Smoldered via the wildfire system. Then it doesn't do ****. Which feels bad, because if you're cautious enough to consider using this, Wildfires are probably the only thing that can burn whatever you're protecting.
  3. Vargs are essentially a "punish" mob that are an optional encounter. Adding them to hound waves means that literally just existing past the hound wave cap is pain. IIRC, Vargs have a harsh kiting pattern and Now, if they want to tie Vargs into hound waves, they can either make a specialized Hound Event that includes fighting a Varg, or make it so that eliminating some special Varg stops the hound waves, if only temporarily.
  4. As stated in the title. If an Eyeplant is too close to an Eyeplant or Lureplant that it does NOT belong to and is not "siblings" with, it will attack it. Seems a little weird that they'd avoid Wormwood but not themselves. Might be intentional but I've heard no mention of it.
  5. Specifically, walking near a Killer Bee Hive sics hostile Killer Bees on Wormwood, even though the released Killer Bees themselves are neutral. This seems to be because Killer Bee Hives are technically not bees, but are still "hostile," and Wormwood's neutral state doesn't apply to them. The Killer Bees inherit their target from the Hive, bypassing their neutrality and causing them to be hostile towards Wormwood. This does not seem to be any more of a bug than the Bees themselves, but it still feels like an oversight since the bees being inside their Hive shouldn't make them more hostile to Wormwood.
  6. What is the "Intended" way to deal with Bee Queen? Soloing her seems painful, Spiders, Pigs, and Bunnymen get spooked for AGES by her scream, which she spams in the final phase, leaving mainly Wurt, Winona, and Wendy to take her out. Webber can do it, but has trouble with losing Spiders in her final phase. Since she's the gatekeeper for the Bundle Wrap recipe, knowing how to take her out as any character is important. Bunnymen are accessible enough, but I'm wondering what other strategies are applicable. Maybe Deerclops? Fire? Basically, what's the "Developer Intended" method of fighting Bee Queen?
  7. Can confirm, happening on most recent patch. The spiders just cease to exist. Sometimes you can even enter and exit the cave from the same point and the spiders just... Disappear! Lost over 50 spiders this way in less than one season, really annoying.