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  1. Echoing the bump above; any chance this is fixable or is the problem too niche / unable to be reproduced?
  2. This seems to be turning into a more common problem and has been listed a few times on this forum since June: here here here here There was one dev response in July (in one of the aformentioned threads), saying they were unable to replicate the issue but that's all I know.
  3. Hi, created an account because I was running into this bug on Switch also. PAL / Aus version if that makes a difference. Which patch version(s) have you seen this issue occur on? This issue first appeared in 1.0.2. I updated to 1.0.3 and still the same issue occurs. Did you fully close and restart the game at any point in those reproduction steps? I have fully closed the game and reopened many times (with an update inbetween) to no avail. I am not certain of the daily steps others have posted though. I have played dailys though if that helps determine the cause of the error. Has the issue ever been resolved by anything other than a new patch release? No How many runs do you have in your run history, and how many do you have active? I think I had two or three other active runs at the time. I deleted the other ones and retried, only to have the same problem. In terms of run history, I have 79 also (coincedence?) Thanks for the great game Klei. Hoping to be able to continue playing after a fix